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  1. Survive the randomly generated platforming labyrinth, rife with Mutants, Cyborgs and both!
  2. Collect items, Combine items, and Reforge items into interesting and fun tools.
  3. Through your actions you make narrative-impacting decisions even if you don't realise it. Attempt to locate an ending.


Xbox Gamepad (Recommended)
Action Input
Movement ,,,
Run Left Trigger
Jump A
Equipment Slots 1, 2, 3 X,Y,B
pick-up/drop equipment + (SlotKey)
Store Combination Right Shoulder (hold)
Equipment Use Effect Right Trigger
Dismantle/Use Door Left Shoulder

Keyboard (Use Chrome Browser)
Action Input
Movement w,a,s,d
Run Left Shift
Jump Spacebar
Equipment Slots 1, 2, 3 ,,
pick-up/drop equipment s + (SlotKey)
Store Combination (hold)
Equipment Use Effect Right Ctrl
Dismantle/Use Door Left Ctrl

Design Goals

  • Through mastery of the game's mechanics and equipment combinations, player's gameplay decisions and goals can be radically affected.
  • Ultimate Replayability.
  • A brute-force approach to the amount of possible equipment combinations you can use (eventually).
  • To fully utilise the core parallel mechanics of picking up, combining, storing, using, consuming, dropping objects in the game world, for as many aspects of play as possible.
  • Players should have a variety of methods to approach a variety of goals, defined by themselves as they seek out fun, not just to 'get to the exit'. Their endgame scenario may be, for instance, to befriend a dragon, or it may be to get out of the last door, or to save a princess, for example.


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Arboreal Games (mod)
I appreciate the kind words mate!
Just doing work-arounds for a few patched physics "improvements" to the game engine I use then I'll offload a bunch of content into this demo...

This looks almost exactly like Spelunky classic! Keep up the good work!

Arboreal Games (mod)
Unity is free :P you CAN pay $1000 or so for some "pro" features that are like... shaders... and removing the unity logo form startup but I mean... nothing important as far as I'm aware, it seems more like a donation ;p Oh I suppose there are additional fairly large costs for publishing on android and ios, so if that's your goal you may want to look elsewhere..
Unreal, last time I looked they took a percentage of any income over an amount, quite a big cut like 20% or something, but you'd have to check. Sucked for me because I used unreal a lot in my earlier years, then it was like BOOM *rubbing hands together*
I tried Jmonkey but couldn't do much with it at the time...
I tried Ogre3D plus some other library backend but was convoluted as balls...
I've seen a few prototypes in Blender, but I'm not very good at spotting Blender-made games, you might be surprised! I always thought of Blender as a Rendering engine predominately though, so I would check what actual capabilities in terms of... automating game-useful processes it can do for you like... what physics functionality especially...
what platforms you can compile and publish for, etc...
I heard Flixel is pretty handy and rapid to make stuff with but it's 2D... I think it's actually actionscript-based, and made by the guy who made "Canabalt" xP
Last I heard Cryengine cost gajillions regardless...
But hey I haven't searched for an engine in yonks! Could be others are trying to compete with Unity's business model now, but I'm unaware of them if so.

thats all fine and dandy but when it comes down to it all they care about it money. unity, gamemaker, cryengine unreal engine...they all cost money and usually its way too much... unreal even has a udk for its 3rd engine and its FREE....unless u want to sell your like...thats called free to try...or demo sucks that they can get away with that...there are tons of engines out there but i cant seem to find a decent one other than blender...but i havent seen any good blender games out
so im still searching...i wanna get to building or coding but i cant without finding an still a noober and i dont see the point in re-inventing the wheel by making my own engine. >.< greedy sons of guns.

Arboreal Games (mod)
No need to apologise, I enjoy criticism ;)I've really not spent much time on this "game" yet anyway, been busy with life-based boring things -.-
I am indeed using Unity! Unity has relatively recently implemented a ton of 2D features into it's engine and physics libraries... so I figured I'd give them a try since I needed to massively speed up my early demo-making process.
I, like yourself, wasn't getting anything worth showing ready within a half a year let alone a month or a week, but was developing predominately 3d games.
Unity's 2D API is good, but you do have to cross-apply some of the 3d concepts into 2d use, which obviously is slightly more CPU intense but working well so far.
For example, take a look at the script reference for say "Physics" and "Physics2D" and you can see how similar they are to implement.
I would say that as far as 3D game engines go, it does sort of depend on what language you want to program in, but Unity wins for me when it comes to familiarity and affordability...
If you prefer C there's likely a better, more flexible option for you but I haven't looked in a while.
There are a few technical things that involve having to make your own workaround at times in Unity, but once you have done so it's no issue.
For example, there's no native functionality for re-binding keys in-game, but you can program your own workaround solution that rebinds and stores key references, so its a bit fiddly, but not a real problem...
The biggest problem I've found, is if you were to make a game with mouse pointing and clicking, with a dual-screen setup, like my "sublimation" prototype, the cursor can at times go into the other screen even when fullscreen and with a locked cursor, as the windows mouse is still active. You can do FPS fine by "screen.lockCursor", but no way to sort of... trap an active mouse within the game window. For an RTS with a cursor on dual-screen, you might have to, unless they've patched it, program your own mouse cursor logic.

fast response, i like it... well it seems like you have most of the bases covered then... I have a question though ... are you using unity to build your game? im not trying to belittle your game even in the slightest however i thought the bigger time engines (which costs loads of money in which i dont have thus i cant use) are more meant for 3d based games.
btw i initially came back to edit my post because as i read it to my gf she said it was bad for that.
i was searching youtube for sdl usage and thats how i found your channel and then site.
im a low level game dev that hasnt came out with any finished" titles that i felt was even worth posting
currently im trying to find a decent engine to build games on...the engine needs to be free...>.> some of these "FREE" engines are only free to make your game...if you want to do anything with it like export or sell it then you have to pay...glad it was free...more like free to misleading!
would you mind recommending an engine (3d preferred)

Arboreal Games (mod)
Thanks so much for your feedback!
I have to just say here though in response to your concerns that this game is basically a Pre-Alpha, meaning that it isn't feature complete.
My next video was going to request suggestions for a name change as I've had heavy criticism about that.
The lack of creatures and level coherence is in large part due to not having finished adding all of the set-pieces and enemies into the level generator that would be required for a level yet, thereby resulting in vast emptiness throughout levels. Although I am close to that in my current build, I haven't published my current build yet as I've been redoing all the sprites.
The pink terrain squares are simply a debug feature that allows me to see where set-piece terrain is being placed and won't be in the complete demo version
There will be highscore tables in the complete demo yes. As well as doors leading to shops and various places to buy equipment, but they involve adding more equipment in general which is a task that I will be pursuing after enemy and set piece development (which is nearly done)
The player "drill" was initially a way to cheesily get around the level generator sometimes getting you stuck in a room with no exit, but with my current in-house build permitting access to all rooms with no equipment, the player "drill" may be repurposed into something else... any further thoughts are ultra welcome
I hope this alleviates a lot of your concerns, and that when I finally do get round to updating the build version posted here that it plays a bit better.
I understand that the smoothness of control is an issue, with the initial intention and final design goal being that you wont require any equipment to navigate between rooms, and that you can build machines and vehicles to create various movement styles, bounciness, flight, etc... but it is a highly iterative process and your feedback is invaluable to me

The game "Whatsimojig": first off, i dislike the name...hard to spell and say and it doesnt flow well...similar to the offense. I disliked felt too difficult to go up anywhere and made getting around mind-numbingly painful...the conveyance was bad because the controls are weird and i have to somewhat pause the game to check how to use my items, the left cntrl sometimes didnt wanna work so i sometimes went for an item in which i couldnt pickup, i felt like the map was somewhat randomly generated involving the use of the drill to get certain items or points, the drill when used hurt me...was a cool part but it took some health away and would take too much away to get any "underground goodies" on the map, i never had to come into contact with any creatures but i only got up to level 3 or 4. As far as improving the game i would cut out the randomly generated levels and put in some solid well thought out levels where i might have to use the items AND create a floor palette...cuz ur not fooling anyone with that funky square let alone the "different purple square"....what else... i did like the leaves and the vines...and from that and the floor texture along with the character lighting i would assume im in a cave...make the background reflect maybe with some torches OR make some spots especially dark and make the torch an item. I didnt care for the coins" in the game...for one...there was really no point because there was no highscore list at the end...ALSO i didnt care for them because they looked like bullet shells...i thought i was going to have a gun for a maybe have a highscores list...of money obtained total AND have a small item shop feature where you can spend your coin...also you may have it so creatures then would drop coins ...making it so players would WANT to kill them to earn better or more equipment. ASIDE from all that...i wish you best of luck and i hope this helped :D

( ^ - ^ )