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Systemic games that get to the point


  1. Survive the randomly generated platforming labyrinth, rife with Mutants, Cyborgs and both!
  2. Collect items, Combine items, and Reforge items into interesting and fun tools.
  3. Through your actions you make narrative-impacting decisions even if you don't realise it. Attempt to locate an ending.


Xbox Gamepad (Recommended)
Action Input
Movement ,,,
Run Left Trigger
Jump A
Equipment Slots 1, 2, 3 X,Y,B
pick-up/drop equipment + (SlotKey)
Store Combination Right Shoulder (hold)
Equipment Use Effect Right Trigger
Dismantle/Use Door Left Shoulder

Keyboard (Use Chrome Browser)
Action Input
Movement w,a,s,d
Run Left Shift
Jump Spacebar
Equipment Slots 1, 2, 3 ,,
pick-up/drop equipment s + (SlotKey)
Store Combination (hold)
Equipment Use Effect Right Ctrl
Dismantle/Use Door Left Ctrl

Design Goals

  • Through mastery of the game's mechanics and equipment combinations, player's gameplay decisions and goals can be radically affected.
  • Ultimate Replayability.
  • A brute-force approach to the amount of possible equipment combinations you can use (eventually).
  • To fully utilise the core parallel mechanics of picking up, combining, storing, using, consuming, dropping objects in the game world, for as many aspects of play as possible.
  • Players should have a variety of methods to approach a variety of goals, defined by themselves as they seek out fun, not just to 'get to the exit'. Their endgame scenario may be, for instance, to befriend a dragon, or it may be to get out of the last door, or to save a princess, for example.